Signs of the Resurrection

While driving into work today, I was listening to Dr. David Jeremiah give “signs” of the resurrection.  Here is his abbreviated list, with a few additions of my own.

Sign 1 – The Soldiers set guard but saw the empty tomb.  They got a bride by the religious leaders to give false testimony.

Sign 2 – The Seal was broken by the angels.  Any man would have known he was taking his own life by breaking a Roman seal.

Sign 3 – The Stone was moved completely away.

Sign 4 – The Sepulcher was empty.  If they disciples went to the wrong one, the body of Jesus could easily been brought out for show.

Sign 5 – The Sightings of Jesus by numerous people including the woman, the men on the road to Emmaus, the disciples and 500 others.

Sign 6 – The Significant change of the disciples – before defeated, now empowered.

Great sermon and some good reflection on the proofs of the resurrection.


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