The Tragedy of Political Correctness


After watching the convocation service at Virginia Tech ( yesterday, I am still in shock over this terrible massacre.  I pray for the families of those students and professors lost.

But as a conservative, evangelical Christian, what bothered me just as much was the attempt by the convocation planning people to make the service perfectly PC.  Very little mention of spiritual things.  Mandatory representation by ministers/clerics/rabbis, each expressing their remorse and sadness but with little significant comfort provided. 

Even G. W. Bush, who claims to be born-again believer, misquoted the Scripture and nearly left God completely out of his remarks.

Was this not a time to share true comfort that comes only from the Scripture?  Was this not a time to speak of eternal things?  The promise of another life?  The hope of heaven?  I understand not making a memorial service a political and spiritual platform, but what better time to speak of eternal things when so many families were thinking just that.


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