Baby Ultrasound #1

Jennifer and I got to see our second child via ultrasound on Saturday.  The nurse was going through the motions and showing us all the bones and important parts.  Then she took the little ultrasound wand and shook Jennifer’s belly.  She was trying to wake the kid up.

Immediately after being violently shook, there came lightning fast, flailing arms and legs.  She got the little thing mad.  He/she started stretching and wiggling all around trying to let us know it did not appreciate being woke up at 8:45 AM.  Apparently he/she is a late sleeper.

We will get another ultrasound in a couple months which will give us the gender.  This one was to get the exact date of conception so we can better plan the delivery date.

I hope to scan in the photo and post it tomorrow.


One thought on “Baby Ultrasound #1

  1. I’m curious, are you going to plan an evening delivery, or morning time, say, something after breakfast? Frankly, early afternoon might work well. You could still accomplish something in the morning, deliever, then still have some hours left in the day to enjoy the new family member. Garrison planning clockwork machine leaves nothing unscheduled! Love it!

    May God bless this new life!

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