Greensburg KS Tornado


Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of Greensburg, KS as they begin a long process of digging out and rebuilding their utterly destroyed homes.  One of the largest tornadoes to hit American soil in almost two decades devasted their community on Friday night. 

One of the bright spots on the media has been a fellow Baptist pastor, Marvin George of First Baptist Church Greensburg , who has been interviewed on numerous occassions by ABC.  His home, the church building, nearly everything he cherished was destroyed, but he still gave testimony to the rock of Jesus on which his faith and hope rests.  His comments about the church not being a building but a group of people bound together for the cause of Christ was honorable and classy.

His adult daughter is getting married in September and her wedding dress, which was in the house, was in perfect condition.  A small blessing in the midst of amazing chaos.


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