One Year Down

Today, I sent off a huge paper marking the completion of ONE YEAR at Southern Seminary in my doctoral program.  I don’t remember feeling this kind of relief after my first year of college or seminary was done.  This is definitely different. 

To think that I am one year closer to being completely done with school forever.  As of today, I am finished with the 23rd grade counting kindergarten.  Yippy.

I wanted to celebrate tonight with some fun, relaxing, mind-numbing entertainment, but instead I going to watch Survivor and a documentary on PBS.  Maybe going to school for a long time make you boring…?


One thought on “One Year Down

  1. Hey Shane,

    I may not be in the same category as Dr. Mohler, but I’m older than he is, and I’ve hiked up Mt. Sinai with you and he hasn’t! :-) Even so, I also congratulate you upon the completion of your first year in Southern’s doctoral program. We look forward to addressing you as Dr. Garrison in the not too distant future.


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