Survivor Tragedy


If any of you are a Survivor junky like I am, you watched last night’s finale.  Season 14 I think it was.  I was shocked about the outcome for Yau-man Chan.  He was hoodwinked and bamboozled.

My horse did win.  I picked Earl to win way back in week 3 or 4.  This was the first time I ever picked a winner.  Usually my horse gets knocked off sometime after the merge.  Last season I picked Jonathon, from NY, to win.  My wife picked Yul and won.  I can’t remember the other years.

I did pick Rupert to win the all-stars season, which he lost.  But he won the popularity vote against Big Tom, Boston Rob and Colby Donaldson.  (I told you I am big fan of the show.)

But back to Yau.  What a shame for Dreamz to dump on him, keep the truck, and then after giving up his integrity, still loose the million dollars.  He should have known no one on the jury would vote for him and give Yau a chance to win.  Which as last night showed, he would have.


One thought on “Survivor Tragedy

  1. Disgusting! That is the best word to describe the outcome of the Survivor finale. Overall, Earl was a great player and I don’t begrudge him the money. We all know, though, the Yau was not only the smartest and craftiest player, he was also the most honest and most deserving of the cisash.

    Yau for President!

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