Change is Good…Right?

I am reading a book for one of my classes this semester on Managing Transitions and I came across a quote that is worth the whole price of the book ($5.95 on  Here it is:

“It’s not so much that we are afraid of change or so in love with the old ways, but it’s that place in between that we fear…It’s like being between trapezes.  It’s Linus when his blanket is in the dryer.  There is nothing to hold on to.”    Marilyn Ferguson, American Futurist

Right now in my life, I am finding that I am more and more in between trapezes.  My blanket is in the dryer and I am looking for something to hold on to.  I am holding onto my love of Jesus Christ and my hope in His provision and plan for my life.  I am holding onto the love of my life, Jennifer, and her peaceful submission to me as head of our home.  I am holding onto my boy Isaac and his undying love for his daddy.  And I am holding onto our new baby that is yet to be born, but already looking to me to provide for his/her welfare.

I have a lot to hold onto, but all the other things: job, school, career, house, finances, future ministry, certain relationships…seem to be up in the air.  They are all changing.  Not everything at once, but one slight shift in life causes so many things to be disorganized and dis-shelved.  As a highly organized person, that doesn’t go down to well with me.

“I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord.  My hope is the Lord.


4 thoughts on “Change is Good…Right?

  1. Shane, I’ve yet to get in touch with you about the special email you sent me. Probably the reason for me not responding is I needed to read this posting first. You encouraged me with the kind words of the past. I pray these words will comfort you in the future as you are looking for things to hold on to…

    Shane, God has His hand on you. I saw it from the moment I met you. Your enthusiasm for life. Your desire to serve. Your willingness to follow the Lord’s call into ministry. Your focus on the direction He is leading you. Over my twenty years of ministry I have been oblivious to the truth in your honest struggle. That truth: I should pay more attention to the fact of the “ONE who has a hold of ME”. In every twist and turn, I have been amazed at where he has led me. The opportunities. The lives I’ve intersected. The maturity that comes with success, and, more importantly, failures.
    Shane, I have always known you to be a life-long learner. Let this lesson sink in deep. God’s holding on to me is greater than anything I can hold onto. “I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.” Jesus from John 10:28

    Love Ya Shane,


  2. I think the in between period is where we learn the most. Maybe that is because God has more of our attention, or maybe circumstances dictate that. Whatever the case, the in between period is what makes change necessary!

  3. I wrote this on my blog a little while ago…

    ‘A wise person once told me…”The only thing that is definite in this life on earth is change. It’s inevitable.”‘

    You know, there is a certain point you get to when you are white water rafting when you have to pull your oars in, get down, hang on and let the rapids take you where they will (at least that is how it is on the Nile River). Paddling does no good and in some cases can seriously injure you. Maybe you are just on the ride of your life right now. Just hang on. It always calms.

  4. shane, its watts, the brandon type from ft worth. ive been trying to reach you via your churh email, but have been unsuccessful in my efforts. i would love for you to get ahold of me, either by phone at 817 350 4316 or by email at

    subject matter is as follows:
    -me, ormes, fuentes, and alex eddy are wanting to come visit you the last week of july. we are looking at arriving the 26th and leaving the 29/30th. we would appreciate a place to crash, even its a cheap hotel room or the church gym floor, as we can bring air matresses and sleeping bags. anywho, we’d love to see you if thats possible.

    hope to hear back from you soon.

    in him, brandon j watts

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