Hosea and Gomer


I taught my Wednesday night Bible study on the story of Hosea and Gomer.  The idea of this marriage continues to arrest me.  A preacher and a prostitute.  A man of God and a woman of harlotry.  A covenant-keeper and a covenant-breaker.

Beyond the reality of the story, the thought of the spiritual significance as we (Jesus’ bride) are Gomer.  My heart is prostituted to other gods, including the god of ME.  My mind, which can choose to dwell on the words of God, becomes a harlot thinking about American Idol, Lost, or Survivor more than forgiveness, grace, and redemption.  My God has been a covenant-keeper of my soul since I received him at age 9, but I continually break that bond and pervert the meaning of love and devotion.

But praise Jesus…I was bought back with an amazing price.  My slave auction was won out but the Prince of peace.  Sure there are consequences of my disobedience and straying away, but the majestic love and mercy of our Lord overcomes victorious.

I was bought.  I bought back.  I was bought back by love.


3 thoughts on “Hosea and Gomer

  1. pastor –

    Do you think God would ask a child of God NOW…Today…….. to marry and unbeliver..ie harlet – for the specific purpose of being a sign onto the world the way Gomer and Hosea were?


  2. Linda,
    I do not believe there is a reason a believer should marry a non-believer if they knowingly are aware of their partner’s spiritual condition. However, if a couple is already married, I believe the believer in Christ should remain in that marriage faithfully.

    There is the biblical mandate to be equally yoked (2 Cor. 6:14) in marriage. There is also a biblical mandate to remain married and pray for the salvation of an unbelieving spouse (1 Cor. 7:10-15) when there is a mismatch spiritually.

    Great question. Thanks for asking.

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