A Little Boy’s Prayer


As a proud father, I was even more proud yesterday of my son.  Jennifer, Isaac, and I went over to Wayne & Stephanie Deffinger’s (youth pastor and wife) home to pray for Stephanie.  Today (5/23) she will be having a very serious surgery after battling 18 weeks of chemotherapy.

After a nice visit, it was time to go and time to pray.  Isaac had practiced at home, but it was now showtime.  He put his little hand on her shoulder and prayed, “Dear God, help Stephy, Amen.”  He is only 1 1/2, but that little boy can say some whoppers of a prayer.

Jennifer and I then joined Wayne and Stephanie to pray as well.  I know God hears the prayers of all followers of Christ, but I am sure toddler prayers go straight to the throne room of God as fast as lightning.


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