Back to the Bagh

Jennifer, Isaac, and I were so blessed to have dinner Tuesday night with our dear friend Brennen.  It was the eve of his return to Baghdad for another term of service.  No, he is not in the military, but he works with the military all day.  No, he is not a general contactor, but he does handle defense spending contracts all day long.

He is a tent-maker.  Some might ask, “What is a tent-maker?  Do Iraqi’s need tents?  What exactly does that mean?”

It means Brennen has two full time jobs. 

 Job 1 – Ministry.  Brennen is called to be salt and light (Matthew 5) to the Iraqi people, specially those living in the Red Zone of Baghdad.  He shares the Good News with all the he can.  He is actively developing relationships with new believers (Praise the Lord there are new believers in Baghdad) and helping them learn the basics of the truth.   He devotes his time simply being a radical born-again believer in Jesus in a land where Christianity is sparce.

Job 2 – He serves as a Senior Development Leader for the Iraqi-American Chamber of Commerce.  As one of the best chambers in the WORLD, Brennen’s company works closely with the US and Iraqi governments forming contractual commerical partnerships.  Another major part of his job is training Iraqi businessmen how to form new companies and be successful leaders in the global market.  From all reports, there are over a hundred Iraqis in the training program.  Brennen oversees their training.

So like the Apostle Paul, who was a maker of tents by trade–hence we get the term “tent-maker,” Brennen lives and works on the mission field, supporting himself by working in a very intense job all so the glory of God can be spread among the nations.

Brennen’s days are very long and very stressful.  He is working in the theater of war, constantly facing insurgent battles and bombs going off.  He plays business “football” with military generals, Iraqi nationals & parlimentarians and US government officials.  He is overworked, overburdened, and UNDER paid, but he offers everyday “unto the Lord.”  This is not simply a job for Brennen, it is a field white unto harvest.  One with many dangers, but one set out before Him by the Lord Almighty.

Isaac has added a new line to his nightly prayers after Tuesday’s dinner.  It now goes something like this.  “Dear God.  Help Stephy.  Help Uncle Brennen.  Help Baby Brother.  I love Jesus.  Amen.”  I agreed wholeheartedly with my son.


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