Main Street Edu. Ministry Transition #3

Main Street Education Ministry Transition #3
Give 4 & 5 Boulevard to Kid’s Ave.

Kids, kids, and more kids.  What a wonderful place to be in!!!  Since we transitioned to two services back in April 2006, our Kid’s Ave. and G-Force (grade-school aged program) areas have EXPLODED.  You have witnessed many of the baptisms of these children and will likely see more and more in the months to come. 

With the influence of Awana’s on Wednesday night and the HUGE investment of our parents and children’s leadership team, OUR KID’S CAN’T WAIT TO GET TO CHURCH!

One parent remarked that her child wakes her up on Sunday morning, gets herself ready and waits in the car so she won’t be late for church.  Another shared that by Friday evening their kids starts talking about G-Force and going to church on Sunday.  They just can’t wait for Saturday to be over so that Sunday morning will be here. 

It is comments like these, and many others, that show how the kingdom of God is spreading in the hearts of our children.  What a remarkable blessing?  Do you start thinking about church on Friday night? I hope so, especially if you are teaching.

As a parent of a toddler, I know my son loves Kid’s Ave.  He stands at the door of his classroom and greets every one as they come in.  Some say he does that because he is a pastor’s kid, I think its because he loves the environment of Kid’s Ave so much and he is happy when others get to be there too.

God is truly working in our children’s ministry.  There is no question about it.

So, what are we going to do with all the GROWTH?

The strategy is simple.  We are going to give 2 Boulevard classrooms to the kids.  (The Boulevard is the hallway around the Sanctuary in case you were wondering.)  4 & 5 Boulevard are perfect for this.  They are used weekly for the Christian Education Center, which means they are already “kid-friendly.”  They have kid tables, kid chairs, pretty pictures on the wall, story books and teaching supplies already in the classroom.  It just makes good sense to give this space to the kids.

Right now, the adult department use those rooms for the Foundations Class, the Wisdom Seeker’s class, and Breakout classes as needed.  We will simply utilitze 1, 2, and 3 Boulevard more efficiently to compensate for the transition. 

Consider the growth next year at this time as the kids have more space to romp and play and learn about Jesus.  I am certain that we will see more and more children surrendering their little hearts to Christ because of this space (among other things).

They are so important to us and to the life of Main Street Church. 

I believe they deserve the BEST WE HAVE TO OFFER.  Don’t you?


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