Less than 3 Months to Baby Brother’s Launch

As the heat of the summer has increased, so has the width & girth of my wife’s belly.  (She has not allowed for pictures on the blog.)  Baby Brother is coming and he is coming soon.  Sometime between October 29 & Nov. 2 we will expand our little family.  We will actually get the birthdate in our next doctor’s visit.  It is going to be pre-scheduled birth.  This is so American?  We put our baby’s birth in our PDA’s like we put a lunch appointment.

Isaac keeps asking for Baby Brother to come out.  He points to Jennifer’s belly and say “Baby Brother in there.”  He prays for his brother every night.  Baby Brother is getting Big Brother’s crib, so we are getting a big boy bed in the next couple days to begin the transition.

Jennifer and I are struggling yet again with a first name for the baby.  It just takes us so long to come to any agreement.  We didn’t get Isaac’s name until about a month before he came…Isaac Justice Garrison, for those who didn’t know.

We do have a middle name, but I won’t be releasing that until we have the whole thing.  More updates to come.


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