A Boy’s Superman Hat


My son has a hat.  Its a Superman hat.  We bought it for him a while back because we were going to go to a pool party and didn’t want him to get a sunburn.  He actually wanted a pink, floo-foo hat, but we talked him out of that…barely.

But now, his Superman hat has become more than just a sun visor.  It represents him as a little man.  Isaac likes to wear it outside when we play “golfball” or when we are washing the car or when I am doing yard work and he is my helper.  Usually, I wear a Reds hat when I am outside and so he thinks that is what he is supposed to do.

He will be 2 years old later this month (Aug. 30 for those in the family) and already he understands a lot about being a man.  A man needs a good hat.  A man should do chores and have fun outside.  A man gets sweaty and needs a hat to catch his sweat. 

He is probably less than 30 lbs, less than 3 feet tall, still likes sleeping with his “mini” (aka his blanket), but he is already learning what it means to be a man.  And here is the catchy (and scary) part…Isaac is learning how to be a man by closely watching and mimicing me.  What a standard?  What a challenge?  What a responsibility? 

I hope I am showing Isaac how to be a God-fearing man.


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