Big Name Voices in American Christianity?


In one of my classes this semester, an interesting question was posed. 

“Who are going to be the next Big Name Voices in American Christianity when Dr. Dobson, Billy Graham, and Bill Bright are gone?”  Dr. Bright, Founder of Campus Crusade, has already gone to be with Jesus.  Dr. Dobson and Dr. Graham have a few more years on this earth but will be in glory soon.

So who will take their place?  Will there ever be another time in American Christianity where such high-profile leaders will emerge from their respective ministries and become a voice for all Evangelical Christians?  I am not so sure.   But I want your opinions before I make my own.

Please comment back on what you think to this question.  And if you think there are other Big Name Voices in America Christianity presently, please comment on those as well.

This should be an interesting discussion.


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