Cheese Hotdogs… A Wonderful Sunday Lunch


Warning:  A “I’ll Never Forget” Story is about to be posted.

I’ll never forget my first cheese hotdog.  It was not at Sonic or some hillbilly Dairymart.  It was not on my first date or first Red’s baseball game.  (I did have my first beer at a Bengals football game…but that is another “I’ll Never Forget” story altogether.  For all you young readers, I was of age and it was only one.  I was not driving.  And I hated the taste of it entirely.  It was my first and last beer.  It tasted like horse urine.)

Anywho, my first cheese hotdog was at the home of John Mark & Nathan Gaddis, two of best friends from college.  On many Sunday afternoons after church, I would head over to the Gaddis home for a visit.  We all enjoyed the fact that John Mark and Nathan’s parents lived was only minutes from campus.  We could have some real sweet tea, leftovers from the weekend, and some home-style hospitality.  But usually we wanted only one food…cheese hotdogs.

So in honor of Nathan Gaddis, the maker of the very best cheese hotdog, here is the recipe and instructions so you and your family can enjoy a tasty treat.  Nate-Love your cooking and music have always inspired me.

The Perfect Cheese Hotdog:
Start by punching a bunch of fork holes in the hotdog.  I am mean a bunch of them.  Then lay the dog in the bun and place one slice of cheese over top.  I prefer to split the slice in half so that the entire dog is covered.  Then slap them in the microwave and set to cook.  The actual cook time varies so I usually just eye-ball it and watch for the top cheese to start to sizzle.  Once finished, add some mustard if you like.  I always love to have a cheese hotdog with some Grippo BBQ chips and a nice RC cola. 

Cheese hotdogs, Grippos and RC…now that is a Sunday lunch!


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