Could Mike Huckabee Win the Republican Nomination?

Since Mike Huckabee (former Governor of Arkansas) came in second in the Iowa Straw poll, questions have surfaced if he can survive a presidential run.  I believe he can.  He may not be able to raise enough money, but I do believe he has the fortitude to leg it out in the polls.

Huckabee is the only true social conservative, with a biblical worldview, and a record of strong governmental leadership.  He is a former Baptist pastor.  He was a student at Southwestern Seminary (my alma mater) and is a devoted husband of one woman. 

I just can’t get behind any of the other candidates.  They simply do not represent my view of what leadership should be.  Rudy has been married 3 times and has only served as a mayor.  New York is a big city, yes, but presidential experience, NO.  Newt Ginrich is a womanizer and at times, highly unethical.  Mitt Romney’s convictions on abortion and same-sex marriage are not in line with a biblical worldview.  I could never support John McCain period.  And Sen. Brownback (KS) doesn’t connect with anyone human.  He is more robot than person.  He is a social conservative, just not an inspiring one.

So I hope Huckabee can make it through.  It is doubtful at this time that he will survive the primaries.  The financial support is just not there.  If he doesn’t, I may be going to the polls and choosing not to vote for a president. 

NONE OF THE ABOVE or Mike Huckabee.  Those are really my other options in 2008.


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