American Christianity & Wealth

Several weeks ago, I was listening to the Al Mohler Radio show and heard him quote some figures about the wealth of American Christians, particularly caucasian, anglos.  His rationale for “why” white American Christians were in the middle to upper socio-economic levels was based on their assumptions and commitment to the family.

I agree wholeheartedly.  But are there other reasons why American Christianity fits mostly into the middle to upper crust financially?  I want to pose some other potential reasons.  (These are very broad stereotypes, so understand that this is not indicative of everyone.  Just generalizations about our culture.)

Most American Christians have a commitment to education.  From high school to college to graduate school.  More education means a lifetime of greater financial stability.  More degrees = more salary.

Most American Christians have a commitment to their marriage.  Dual incomes change the financial outlook significantly.  Single incomes work fine but can be very difficult.  If one factors in the cost of divorce, child custody, and alimony, it is easy to why many people who experience a divorce, experience a bankruptcy.

Most American Christians have a commitment to work ethically and as unto the Lord.  Being honest, showing up on time, doing a job with excellence are all marks of people who commit their work to God’s hands.  “His Work” in their lives makes them a better employee and more promotable.

Most American Christians have a commitment to having a family.  Raising children forces you to become a better steward of your finances.  Single persons are often tempted to be foolish in their spending because they have few family responsibilities.  When you have multiple mouths to feed, you start getting a grip on your financial decisions.

Finally, I believe (and hope) most American Christians have a commitment to supporting God’s work through the local church, which is an investment in eternity.  I believe God greatly blesses those who are committed to giving regularly and faithfully to the Gospel.  When we are faithful stewards of the small things, I believe God allows more blessings to come our way, knowing our commitment to stewardship will not change as the dollar figures increase.

Any other thoughts about American Christianity and wealth?


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