Changing Your Family Tree


Those that know me well know that I am passionate about financial freedom, Dave Ramsey and the Total Money Makeover.  Since a good friend of mine, Nathan Gaddis, turned me onto Dave, I have been a junkie ever since.  Jennifer and I have been to a live event, we have the books, we live the principles, and we instruct couples to follow the plan.  Jennifer teaches Good Sense at our church (a Christian stewardship study) and we do financial counseling with couples in our home.  This stuff has become part of our lives.

Yesterday while listening to the Dave Ramsey show podcast, a 23-year old husband shared his story about how getting out of debts has revolutionized his life.  He had only paid off $1700 but the real change had been in his heart.  He had changed his family tree…aka his future, his marriage, and his children’s view of money.  I totally connected with him.  Learning the Dave Ramsey plan has revolutionized our life as well, especially our marriage and communication over money. 

Getting out of debt has been one of the greatest gifts we have ever experienced.  Now to be completely upfront, Jennifer and I have still have student loans (a good chunk mind you), but that is it.  No car payments, no medical bills, no mortage, no credit cards.  We never get calls from creditors asking for money.  Our cars drive better because they are paid for.  We sleep easy every night because we have turned our finances over to God and He has been so faithful to provide for all our needs.  Not all our wants, but more than abundantly for our needs. We celebrate when we get to tithe to our church and when one of our friends are heading overseas on a mission trip, it is so much fun to support them with a few dollars.  It is like we are on the trip as well.

Our family tree has been changed.  I am grateful to our parents for showing us good money skills: saving up, paying bills on time, living under your means.  But in a CREDIT-CRAZED culture that is totally spending more than it could ever make…we are thankful that God got a message through to us early and it stuck.

I just wanted to share my story like the young man on the radio.  And one day, when we get these stupid students loans paid off, we will call Dave Ramsey and scream, “We’re DEBT FREE.”  It will be awesome.


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