The Next Battle in the Church

During the 90’s and early 00’s (is that what they are called), many churches faced the “Worship Wars.”  Traditional, blended, contemporary.  Liturgical, reformed, praise-n-worship, pentecostal.  With robes and organs or street clothes and drums.  Many followers of Christ have been greatly injured in this battle.  Even more worship and senior pastors lost their congregation over what type of music would be used to worship the Most High God.

I believe I have discovered the next raging battle on the church horizon.  It will be called the “Discipleship Wars.”  Sunday school vs. small groups.  Open vs. closed classes.  Topical vs. verse by verse.  In-homes or on the church campus.  Using the Bible or using a curriculum.  Teachers & Lessons or Facilitators & Discussion.  This battle will again challenge what we have always done with what is coming.  Is the church ready?

What do you think?  Is this battle going to be as fierce?


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