What’s in a Name?

Some have asked what name have we chosen for our new son.  Well, we have one picked out, but only the middle name has been released to the public.  But I will give you some detail as to what the first name is, without actually giving it away.  And I will explain the middle name a bit more too.

His name will be:  ___________ CADE GARRISON

______________ means “strong,” “firm,” “enduring”and “gift of the island” (I am not sure what the gift of the island means, but I like the other ones).  The name is found in the Old Testament 8 times.  The name is very special because a whole psalm was written by a man with the same name.  The psalm written is one of the most beautiful in all the scriptures and the lyrics are used in tons of worship songs.  Can you guess what it is?

His middle name will be: CADE which is short for “kadesh.”  Kadesh is Hebrew for “holy.”  There is a story behind this one.  When we were pregnant with Isaac (meaning “laughter” and “child of promise”), Jennifer and I found out that we were both carriers for the genetic mutation for Cystic Fibrous or CF.  Because of this, any children we bear will have a 1 in 4 chance (25%) of having the disease.  Isaac was born and tested and is completely free from CF or from even having the genetic mutation.  Praise the Lord.

However, when we found out were pregnant again with #2, the whole CF thing started right back up.  I asked for prayer on a discussion board with my fellow Cohort buddies at Southern Seminary.  A former graduate of Southern was reading through the prayer requests and found my story.  This is a segment of what he wrote to us.  I have removed his name for privacy.

Your latest blog did catch my eyes because the 1 in four chances that you are praying for now is my four year old son. CF is the most unfair thing I have ever heard of BUT there is so much going in the right direction now it would make your head spin. Our son is doing great…And know that CF, cancer or hurricanes are really no big deal for our Gracious God. Our son has lived more of a life than most people 8 times his age…Take it in stride with hope. I truly will pray for a healthy life for my son but not at the expense of a holy life. I will commit to pray for your family as you approach the blessed event of welcoming your new baby!! God Bless.

We are committing to raise our second child to a life of “holiness,” not just “health-iness.”  We pray he is strong, enduring in faith, and seeking holiness from our Gracious God.  The words of this email radically shifted my mindset and ultimately we felt it had to be part of his name to remind us of these very important words.

So there’s the story…the unveiling of the first name will come soon.

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