The Life of David Brainerd


You probably have never heard of David Brainerd.  I hadn’t either until yesterday.  I was checking the Desiring God blog of John Piper and they informed their readers of a free audio book download at about The Life of David Brainerd.  The writer of the biography was Jonathon Edwards.  I was intrigued by the offer to read/listen to the writings of Edwards and to hear a biography from a preacher/pastor/missionary living in the 1700’s.  So I downloaded the book, mostly because it was free and I like old biographies.

I have listened to the preface, the introduction, and most of chapter 1.  It is simply fascinating.  This man, David Brainerd, struggled all his life with what he calls “melancholy.”  Today, we would call it depression or self-doubt.  His personal introspection and deep understanding of the human heart is so engaging.  I have found myself asking, “Why don’t I think about life and faith and salvation with this kind of depth and heaviness.”

I would highly recommend it to you.  Of course, I haven’t got through the whole thing, so it may be better (or worse) in the end, but I think it will get better and better. 

Check it out here.  (The free download is only good through October.)

One thought on “The Life of David Brainerd

  1. First read Life of David Brainard in 2002 while taking a class on Edwards. It was the first work we read, even before Religious Affections or the sermons. Of all Edwards’ words and works I have read, undoubtedly, Brainard is my favorite…


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