Navigating the Call

When a man or woman receives a call on their life by God, many new things enter their thinking & praying process.  I deeply believe that ALL followers of Christ receive a call of some sort.  A call to faith.  A call to repentance.  A call to deny oneself and take up your cross.  But by “call” in this post I mean the leading of God for certain individuals to serve in a vocational manner for the kingdom of God.  A call to vocational ministry.

I received such a call as a college sophomore.  The call resulted in me adding a second major to my college education.  The call resulted in me moving from KY to Fort Worth, TX to attend seminary.  The call resulted in me being very selective in who I dated and ultimately, who I married.  (Spouses must share the call.)

The call has impacted all aspects of my life.  My family relationships.  My friendships.  My finances.  My entertainment choices.  My private and public behaviors.  More than anything else, it has impacted my faith and desire to obey God’s plan for my life.  I have no say in what God chooses to do with me.  I must seek His direction, guidance and will.  I must be willing to go wherever He leads.  I must submit to His provision and plan for my life.  I am but a servant, He is my master.

But in this call there is much grace.  For I know that God’s plan for my life is so GOOD and PERFECT.  It is better than anything I could foster for myself.  It is filled with contentment and joy.  While suffering and hardships are inevitably a part of this plan, God uses those things also for my good and for the development of my faith.

He is the Navigator of my life, I am just along for the ride. 


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