The Amazing Race to the Hospital

In all the rush and hoopla of the past 24 hours, I noticed I didn’t share the story of the birth.  My apologies, but I know everyone wanted pictures more than words.  So anywho, here it is.

Yesterday (Monday), Jennifer went to the doctor’s office for a BP check.  Her BP was fine so they sent her home without even a dialation check.  She got home around 1:30 pm.  Starting about 1:45, she started have contractions 15 minutes apart.  As the afternoon progressed, so did the contractions and the severity.

I talked with Jennifer a couple times during the afternoon by phone, she didn’t say anything other than she was having normal contractions.  I had a late meeting that kept me at church until about 5:40.  I rushed out to pick up Isaac from the sitter and then home to check on Jennifer.  When I walked in the door, she was in serious labor. 

I immediately got Isaac’s overnight bag and called the Deffingers, our dear friends and emergency go-to.  I got him over there and settled in and then quickly back to Jennifer.  I rushed her in the car and we were off to the hospital.

Once we arrived at the Family Birthing Center at St. Elizabeth Hospital, they checked Jennifer in and immediately called her doctor.  She was WAY ADVANCED and the contractions were about 1 or 2 minutes apart.  They got all the lab work processed STAT (very ER-like).  I was given a gown, mask, and slippers and told to make a few calls to let everyone know the baby was coming very soon.

They took Jennifer to the operating room and prepared her for the c-section.  We arrived at the hospital around 6:45 pm and the baby was in our arms by 8:20pm.  That is VERRRRRYYYY QUICKKKKK.  No messing around.  No breathing techniques or walking up the halls trying to get Jennifer’s labor to progress.  This baby was ready to come.

And now he is here.  O what a blessing he is!!!

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