Should I Vote Tomorrow?

I take this momentary pause from countless baby news and pictures to ask my readers to think critically about voting.  Tomorrow, November 6th, 2007, is election day here in the Commonwealth of KY.  Ernie Fletcher vs. Steve Brashear are competing for governor as well as others are vying for state leadership.

Will I vote tomorrow?  Absolutely.  I will proudly make my way to the polls and cast my ballot.  I am not going to share for whom, but I will be there rain, sleet or shine.  I am convinced that all Christians, no matter which political party they support or political agenda they back, are called to vote in every election, and not just for President.  Christian should vote in races for Congress, Senate, state legislature, city government, and referendum on laws and taxes.

We are called to support the leaders God puts in place (Romans 13) and in a true democracy such as the US, we get the privilege of joining in God’s work by placing votes which enable this divine ordinance to go forward.  My heart aches for those soliders fighting in Iraq for the Iraqi’s infant democracy.  Lives being placed in harms way so that an Iraqi can cast a ballot.

Do I not have an obligation, I dare say a Christian moral obligation, to cast my vote in freedom and security.  Go vote. 

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