What I Am Thankful For

2007 has been a wild year for the Garrison family.  Many transitions and changes have come our way.  No matter how crazy life gets, I am always want to be thankful and to express my thanks to my Lord.  So I thought I would share my list of the Top 5 Things I am Most Thankful For in 2007.  Just a short list to God for all His wonderful blessings.

#5.  I am thankful for another year completed in my doctoral work with good grades and making life-long friends with my cohort members.

#4.  I am thankful for getting to see Isaac, my 2 year old, explode with words, phrases, and questions.  You wait so long for your children to start talking and when they do, it is so much fun listening to them and talking with them.  Isaac and I talk a lot together.

#3.  I am thankful for getting to see God transition my wife from being Executive Director of the CARE Ministry to becoming a stay-at-home mom (i.e. Domestic Engineer).  Her ministry shifted from helping the neediest in our community to helping the neediest in our home.  The best part is… she loves every minute of it.

#2.  I am thankful that Jennifer had a very healthy pregnancy with Ethan, despite the long hospital stay at the end.  It was her last time to be pregnant and it was such a blessing to see her carry our little boy to term.  She is the greatest wife and mother ever.

#1.  FINALLY, I am most thankful that our little Ethan does not have CF.  We were prepared if he did, but it is such a miraculous blessing that he doesn’t.  He is healthy baby boy, wonderfully-made by our gracious God. 

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season?  What is your top 5 list?

One thought on “What I Am Thankful For

  1. I’m thankful that someday you are going to post more photos to this blog. Ha ha I’m know your busy but your public wants you.

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