My December


I feel very much like this man right now.  I have several very HUGE things going on, which I will explain., but because of all these things, I have neglected the blog with new pictures, videos, and commentary for my readers.  I am very sorry.  I will try to do better, but until Dec. 31st, I can’t promise much.

Here is what is going on, so you can feel my pain:
1.  Ethan is a 1 month old.  Very fun and sweet, but very exhausting.  Jennifer is heading back to work next week and we are trying to get everything ready.  With one, you are playing 2 on 1.  With two, it is man-to-man defense.  The boys may be winning?!

2.  It’s December and it’s Christmas time.  Christmas with a two year old who is taking the tree apart and asking to sing Christmas carols all day long.  That is crazy enough.  We did go see the Cincy Train display downtown which Isaac absolutely loved.

3.  My role at church is getting ready to significantly change.  Starting at the first of the year, I will be transitioning to our children’s ministry and our Christian Education Center (Christian school, preschool and daycare).  I am trying to get up to speed on a ton of new stuff.  I am even traveling to a national conference to learn how to get a school accredited.  Basically, I am starting with a new slate of responsibilities and I am trying to get through the learning curve.

4.  AND THIS IS HUGE.  I have my Comprehensive Exams in less than 90 days.  I have to finish up my assignments from this last seminar and then kick butt to get ready for COMPS.  Comps are the real deal and I want to be ready when they come the first week in March. 

So that is my life for now. Don’t you feel sorry for me.  Whaaaahhh.  Woe is me.  Just kidding.  I like the challenges of family, ministry, school and the holidays.  It makes me appreciate how Mary and Joseph felt as they were young, pregnant, traveling, and displaced. 

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