Beowulf 3D IMAX


While on my little journey to Florida, I got a chance to go to the movies by myself.  So I went to see Beowulf 3D IMAX.  I did like the amazing 3D stuff, but the movie was not good, nor was the acting.  I think I wasted my money. 

I can remember the last 3D movie I went to see: JAWS 3D 1983.  Can you believe my father took my brother and I to see that movie when we were just 6 and 7 years old.  I will never forget the killing of the shark and the pieces of flesh flying at me through those glasses.  Beowulf’s 3D parts were simply amazing.  I was dodging and ducking throughout the movie.  But in the end, I should have stayed with my memory of Jaws.  Better movie.  Better music.  Better lead character, aka the Shark.

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