Papers Sent Away


Last Friday, I sent two more papers away for my doctoral work.  These papers represent another semester in the bag.  That is now 5 completed semesters in the Ed.D. program.  5 semesters?  It is really hard to believe.

So here are the ways things stand: I started semester 6, the final course work semester, January 1.  This semester is somewhat different than the others.  I have one class, Analysis of Empirial Methods, and then my Comprehensive Exams.  I will be taking those March 8-10.  After that, I have some initial work due for my dissertation prospectus and then the seminars are completely finished.  By mid-May, I will be done taking classes.

Now, I am not saying that I will never go back to school.  Book nerds love school…so there is a very good chance I will find something else to study.  But the potential of being done FOREVER is starting to sound really good to me.  Since I was in kindergarten, there has only been 2 years in my life that I have not been in school full-time.

I started school when I was 5.  I am 30 now.  So that puts me in the 23rd grade.  12 years k-12, 4 yrs in college, 5 yrs in seminary, 2 years in doctoral work.  When I am finished with my dissertation (whenever that is), I will be logging somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 years of school AFTER high school.

That may be just entirely too much book learn’n.

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