Isaac’s Small Group

My son Isaac loves church.  He is a people-person, a social butterfly if you will.  He loves his classes at church (Puggles & 3 year olds), his friends and his teachers.  Today Jennifer caught our little boy leading his own small group Bible study.  His students were George, Sparky and little Georgie.  The lesson, well, you should be able to see from his open Bible.


Moses being drawn out of the water.  Great story for this small group.  I am sure the monkeys love stories about rivers.

None of this was spurred on by Jennifer.  Isaac set the whole thing up on his own.  You will notice that a blanket was placed on the floor.  There is a huge carpet in his Sunday school class room, which he must think is necessary to have a Bible story time. 

Later he made Jennifer sing songs like Zacheus to his class.  Apparently she was the song leader and he was the teacher.


For those at Main Street who teach my son the Bible: You better believe is paying attention.  I thank you for the bottom of my heart.


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