A Tribute to My Valentine


No chocolates.  No flowers.  No romantic dinners.  Not even a date for this Valentines Day.  My wife is at home with our boys putting them to bed.  I am in the library studying for Comps.  So how can I show my love for my dear, sweet wife. 

A Tribute on the Blog…That is romantic.  Yeah, right?

Even still, I am honored to be married to my wife, Jennifer.  We will celebrate our sixth year together in just in about a month.  Six years of marriage, 6 months engaged, 1 1/2 years dating, and another year of kind of liking each other.  So we have been entangled in this love web for nearly 10 years.  And oh…how sweet the years have been.

My wife is one of the funniest people I have ever met.  She tells the most corny jokes and loves to laugh.  We named our first son, Isaac, which means laughter in Hebrew because our house is filled with laughter.  Mostly because of her.

She is also tender and loving.  She has that inexplainable compassion for people and for her family.  Now she is not a push-over, far from it, but her heart of pure gold seems to shine through at all times. 

She is a great financial wizard and has totally reshaped our family’s financial future.  She is an encourager, always willing to share a word that lifts me up and pushes me to be a better man, husband and father. 

She is also my dearest and best friend.  I can not imagine spending one day without her. 

So my dear sweet Rose.  Happy Valentines day.  I love you and will always be your “dear mister.”

This picture was taken when Rose was about 6 year old, at her grandmother’s house, in her Easter dress.  Isn’t she adorable?  God planned for this beautiful little girl to be my wife.  I am so blessed.


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