Snow Days Have Lost Their Fun


As a kid growing up in western KY, I loved snow days.  All the kids from our neighborhood would gather at our house at 12 noon, no questions asked.  We didn’t have to make phone calls to get the word out, kids just showed up.  Even some adults.  My youth pastor, Morgan Owen, was known to stop by for the action.  If we were out of school, then there was something EVERYONE knew would happen that day.


That’s right, young boys freezing to death, out in the cold, laying extremely hard hits on each other, all wet and numb, teeth chattering, nearly getting pneumonia from being outside for hours, fingers aching, backs bruised, all with rag-tag scarfs, sockcaps, and gloves.  (My brother and I would use old tube socks.)  It was great!!!  It made snow days full of excitement.

NOW a days…I hate snow days.  As the administrator of a school, I have to wake up at 5 AM, watch the weather forecast, check the road conditions, and try to make the right call.  It is a very pressure filled moment to call off school.  It affects hundreds of families, my employees, the kids, everyone. 

Sure you think the principal of a school loves having that much power, but I would rather be looking forward to the Snow Bowl and watching another episode of Transformers, eating a cinnamon and brown sugar Poptart.  That is my idea of a good snow day.

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