Discussions in a Seminary Coffee Shop

I never cease to be amazed at what I hear people talking about when sitting in a seminary coffee shop .  Here is just a sample:

  • The genitive form of the Greek word “erego”
  • What kind of fig leaves did Adam and Eve use as coverings?
  • What is the meaning of suffering for teenagers?
  • What did J. I. Packer mean by the word “supra-atonement?”

I am a seminary graduate…twice.  Hopefully a third time in the near future.  But I have never talked to my friends like this, even when I was a student.  I wonder if this is a good thing or does it show how out of touch seminary students can be.

You would assume you would here some conversations about who is on American Idol, or what is happening in the primaries today or my girlfriend dumped me for a jock.  None of that.  All theology, biblical languages, and doctrinal matters.  It is very weird for me.

3 thoughts on “Discussions in a Seminary Coffee Shop

  1. While we were doing our Masters @ SBTS, Corrie had a notebook sheet filled with quotes like that we overheard in the student lounge, hallway, cafeteria, Rec Center, and the like.

    You found yourself crying when trying to quote them…because they were hilariously pathetic.

    My all time favorite:
    “Yeah, I think God’s probably calling me up to the Northeast somewhere. I’d have more peers. In the South, people just really aren’t that smart.”

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