6 Years Down, 60 More to Go

Jennifer and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary yesterday (April 6, 2002).  For some that may not seem like a huge milestone, but we were pretty pumped.  Each year has gotten better than the one before.  This past year has seen the second addition to our family (Ethan Cade), me getting through my doctoral seminars (yipey), and Jennifer transitioning to being a full time stay-at-home mom (with a little side job on Friday’s). 

Even with all the change, we have grown stronger together in the Lord and in our relationship to each other.

To celebrate this joyous occassion, we hired a sitter, had dinner at Guenther’s Steak House and went to IKEA in West Chester, OH.  It was totally cool. 

I had been to an IKEA in Naples, Italy two summers ago, but didn’t get the full experience.  This time we strolled the isles, sat on beds, looked at the greatest furniture, had dessert and coffee, and only spent $30 (which I considered a huge feat of pure financial discipline).

It was a great anniversary date.  To Guenthers and IKEA, and especially to my dear sweet Rose…I raise a toast to 6 years down and 60 more to go.

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