Reds Clergy Pass — Part 2

Well there is more to the Reds Clergy Pass saga between me and Pastor Calvin A. Perry.  Pastor Calvin called me this morning about an upcoming funeral that he is officiating.  Here is the transcript of the conversation.

Pastor Calvin:  Brother Shane, how are you young man?
SG:  Doin’ well Pastor Calvin, how are you?
PC:  I’m doing great.  Did you get that Clergy Pass?
SG:  Yes, sir, I did.
PC:  I got mine too.
SG:  How did you do that? (smiling from ear to ear)
PC:  Different vineyard son, different vineyard.
SG:  Well done, sir, well done.

Pastor Calvin has been the interim pastor at Fort Thomas Baptist Church.  Apparently he got the clergy pass as the pastor of that congregation.  A different vineyard indeed.

You can’t out-fox a man like Calvin A. Perry.  No young punk like me is going to keep him from his beloved Reds baseball.

Well done, sir, well done.  I tip my hat to you.


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