A Big Boy Bed

Our 2 year old is no longer in a crib or a toddler bed.  He has transitioned into a Big Boy Bed.  A Big Boy Bed from IKEA nonetheless.   This is a pretty big step for him.  More room to toss and turn.  Higher off the ground.  More wood to crack his head on.

But we are really proud of Isaac and this Big step for him.  Now if Jennifer and I could just figure out how to get him to sleep with less animals.  We needed the Big Boy Bed because there were too many creatures in the toddler bed with him.

Bedtime roll call:
Little Georgie
Big George
Minny (blanket)
Blue Bear
Thomas Blanket



3 thoughts on “A Big Boy Bed

  1. Dawson Propes Bedtime Roll Call:
    Nanas (Blankets) times 2
    Polka Dot Puppy
    Tenderheart Bear
    Grumpy Bear
    Pink Bear
    Red Bear
    Daddy Tiger
    Mommy Tiger
    Dawson Tiger
    Abigail Tiger
    Monkey Pillow
    “Roughie” Pillow (aka Thomas Pillow)
    White Pillow
    Blue Blanket

    It’s a full house in Dawson’s bed. It totally complies with the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for a safe sleeping environment.

  2. Bedtime Rollcall for average child in East Baghdad

    Little Muktada
    Grumpy Maliki
    Daddy Ahmedinajad Tiger
    “Roughie” Badr Brigade Pillow
    Kaytusha Rocket Bear
    Mortar Blanket
    Tenderheart Duck and Cover Bunker
    Polka Dot RPG launcher
    12th Imam night time story book

    It’s a full house in the Iraqi child’s bed. It totally complies with Sistani’s version of Shia Sharia Law….

  3. The IKEA bed brings back many memories. They were our first “bought” beds for our kids and Alyssa and Ryan have teen versions of IKEA furniture. I was so pumped when I learned they were finally coming to Cincinnati.

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