Reds Clergy Pass — Part 3

Pastor Calvin A. Perry and I officiated a funeral together on Saturday morning.  A dear, sweet man named Charles (Chuck) Trapp went to be with the Lord.  He was one of three remaining charter members of Main Street Church.  You can read about Chuck’s service-filled life here.

Before the funeral began, Pastor Calvin asked me if I had read the article in the newspaper about him.  I said Yes.  He asked if I thought he was going to tell the paper where he got his season ticket. 

I told him that I got worried that he was going to “out” me to the press for stealing his clergy pass.  His words, “Nah, people on the outside don’t need to know where we get our season tickets.  There are certain things we should never tell.”   Well, I guess I have blown that cause I have told everyone how I got my ticket. 

He and I hope to catch a few games together this season.  This little stunt has been way too much fun.


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