T4G – Together for the Gospel Recap

Together for the Gospel was an amazing experience.  5500 pastors from all over the US and around the world met to be challenged and encouraged in our ministry and preaching.

If you would like to listen to any of the 8 messages, you can find them at www.t4g.org.  I would highly recommend the message from John Piper on Christian Suffering and CJ Mahaney’s message on the Pastor’s Soul.  Definitely my two favorites.

Personally, the three days of worship and Bible study left my heart burdened for the lost.  The Gospel must be preached to every soul we come into contact with.  The Gospel has the power to change lives, saving souls, and bringing new birth.  It is the only message of hope we can hold fast to.

Secondly, I came home being extremely grateful for my pastor, Pastor Robert Franklin

What a man of God we have at Main Street to lead us into God’s truth.  I am thankful for his humble submission to God and his willingness to walk fervently with our Lord.  I have learned so much from him over the past 5 years we served together.

Did you know that Pastor Bob and I shared an office my first year on staff at Main Street.  He even gave me the majority of his office furniture so I could have a place to work.  I am not sure how we got much done that first year, we talked all the time. 

I am deeply loyal to this man.  He has been a mentor, a teacher, a guide, and a prayer partner to me.  I will always be indebted to him for his investment in my life, both as a man and a pastor.

Thank you Pastor.


One thought on “T4G – Together for the Gospel Recap

  1. Thank you Shane. As you well know I have received much more than I have given over the past five years–no kidding. You are great at the things I stink at which both encourages me to be better as well as appreciate your giftedness. Your words of encouragement mean more than you can imagine.

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