Shout Out to Jan Jan

A quick congrats goes out to my sister-in-law, Janice Hedayati (aka Aunt Jan Jan).  She will be graduating on Saturday from Eastern Kentucky University (Go Colonels!) with her Masters in Nursing.  She will officially be a Nurse Practitioner.  Jennifer, the boys, and I will be traveling down to stand among the masses for the graduation ceremony.  We will be the ones in the upper deck, wrangling the children, and taking all the pictures.

Everyone is very proud of Jan.  She has worked very hard to get this done.  Jennifer is pretty pumped because now she only has to proofread my dissertation and everyone will be done writing papers.  Her proofreading skills are heavily sought out by our family.  You get a degree in English, people want you to proof their papers.

Great work, Jan.  You deserve a huge pat on the back.  You are going to make a fabulous Nurse Practitioner.

(Sorry, this is the only picture I had on my computer.  Jan is standing in red.)

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