The Rough Draft is ROUGH, but Finished

I am writing the last paragraph of my Prospectus, which means my rough draft is finished. 

The final result is 123 pages of hard work, plently of sweat, some tears, a lot of gray hairs, long nights, early mornings and too many Mountain Dew Code Reds.  This work has been bittersweet.  Sweet because I am really interested in my topic and how it all works into my calling in life.  Bitter, because it has been stink’n hard and complicated.

I have a lot of cleaning up to do before I can send this THING down to my professor.  But the feeling of getting this first chunk done is allllll righhhhtttt. 

I am not even going to consider putting this mammoth up on the blog.  No one will ever want to read it. 

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