Christian School Administrator…No More

This is my final week as the Main Street Christian Eduation Center (CEC) Administrator.  The CEC Board of Directors decided in March to hire a full-time administrator.  A very good decision, mind you.  The CEC and its six entities had outgrown the ability of a church staff member to carry the load and do church work at the same time.

Since I can not have two full-time jobs, I needed to resigned in order for them to be begin their search.  The search was really no search at all.  The Board had their pick all along.

So last Thursday at our Year End Program and Fifth Grade Graduation, I announced that Mrs. Laura Kalfas would become the new full-time CEC Administrator.  Laura has been a teacher with the CEC since its inception four year ago.  She has been an educator for over seventeen years.  She is WAY MORE experienced in education that I ever thought about being.  She is going to do an amazing job.  So during the month of June, I get to help Laura transition into her new role. 

It has been a great honor for me to serve in this capacity over the last six months.  I have learned a ton about management, human resources, hiring, interviewing, evaluation and reviews, business & finance.  I have learned how to work with the state government, upset parents, prospective families and be a substitute teacher for 1st & 2nd graders.

Mostly I have learned what it means to serve as an administrator of a Christian organization.  Something I believe God will use continually in my life. 



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