So that I don’t burst into tears and anger, I will only share the highlights of one of the most miserable days of my life…yesterday.

9:00 AM – Disappointment because I was not given good information about a very important decision Jennifer and I need to make.  The delay is going to cost us significantly.

10:30 – More disappointment because now we can’t find anything that will work for our family’s situation.

12:00 – A bit of a bright moment.  We got to have lunch with a dear friend.

1:30 PM – Another disappointment as we had our hope crushed yet again.  Oh and it has hit 96 degrees outside.

3:30 – Jennifer is driving the car and notices it is loosing power.  A/C goes out.  Boys are hot and hungry in the backseat.  Shane is nervous about breaking down 3 hours from home.

4:00 – Pulled over at Walmart and Shane is trying figure out why the car is loosing power.  We try again.

4:30 – Car Alternator completely goes out.  We are broke down at a gas station in the middle of nowhere.  Shane calls the tow truck.  $3 per mile for a tow home.  We are 135 miles away.  Ouch!!!!

4:30 – 6:30 – Still waiting for the tow truck, sitting in a gas station with a hungry 2 year old and 7 month old.  People are wandering what on earth we are doing hangin’ out in a gas station.  But it was air-conditioned.

6:30 – Tow truck arrives.  Hooks up the car.  Jennifer and the two boys in car seats in the backseat of the truck, Shane in the front.  The tow truck doesn’t have A/C either. A VERY LONG DRIVE HOME.

8:45 – Arrive home.  Drop off the boys and Shane follows the tow truck to the local mechanic.

10:00 – Tow truck driver calls to say our credit card denied the payment for the tow and now he is going to have to come back to Alexandria and get the car.  Shane freaks out.

10:30 – Shane finally contacts owner of tow company and finds out they are playing a terrible joke on their driver.  Everything is fine with the credit card.

Next day:  To fix the alternator and a couple other things that went bad…$550.  Dang.


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