VBS…Day 2

Day 2 of VBS (Tuesday) went very smoothly.  The Worship Team is doing great as are all the other leadership teams.  The kids seem to be excited to come and hear about Jesus.  Our prayers have been answered and God’s word is being sown into their little hearts.

So much so, that tonight (Wednesday) I have been invited to come and answer questions by the 5th grade class.  They are wanting some answers to questions on the Trinity and the virginal conception of Christ.  They also wanted to learn why the Bible is true and how do we know for certain God is real.  Tough crowd.  I am up for the challenge.

We are showing the Mission video tonight about work being done on the Island of Malta.  The video features IMB missionaries Earl & Robin Pinkston.  Main Street Church sent a mission team to Malta way back in the summer of 2004 to work with the Pinkston’s.  I was on that team.  Kinda neat seeing a VBS video about a place where I have served.

One thought on “VBS…Day 2

  1. Thanks for the daily updates on VBS. It helps us all see the larger picture. It has been a blast, and you guys (the directors) have done a fantastic job.

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