VBS…Day 3

Wednesday night was a blast.  More children came and heard that Jesus is the the only way.  Two children asked their teacher about how to become Christians.  Praise God!!!  Tonight we will continue to sharing the Gospel message with the older children.  I will be presenting the Gospel in the worship rally.  We are asking God to work on hearts as I share His Good News.

I had an adventure Wednesday night with the 5th Graders.  I spent 45 minutes answering some tough theological and biblical questions.  I was so impressed with how interested these students were in understanding the Trinity, angels, Moses and the Exodus, and how Jesus was conceived.  It was too much fun.  So much for following the lesson plan, there were just too many GREAT questions.

Our VBS Leadership teams are doing an amazing job.  Everything has gone so smoothly.  We have about 80 adult and teenage leaders serving this year.  As I walk around the building, I see tons of smiles on the leaders’ faces.  I see them giving hugs, high-fives, and speaking encouraging words as they minister to the children.  They are being the hands and heart of Jesus extended to these young ones.


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