The Last Supper (I Mean Lunch)

The Best Church Staff in America.  (from left to right)
Wayne Deffinger – Minister to Youth and Young Adults – An absolute nut.  Plays a mean game of Rail Baron and has a wicked serve in tennis.
Pastor Robert Franklin – Senior Pastor – One of the best leaders I have ever worked with.  Passionate, determined, loves Jesus and his family very much.
Jan Uher – Office Assistant, aka Super Woman.  Can make anything happen with a few clicks of her computer.
Me – the lacky of the bunch
Diana Reis – Assistant to the Pastor – The VETERAN.  Retiring after 30+ years of service.  No one has more experience than Diana Reis.  She needs to write a book on church staff relationships.
Phillip Brunner – Minister of Worship & Administration – My musical tag-team partner, a pure genius administratively and musically.  Plus a travel-junkie, my kinda man.



One thought on “The Last Supper (I Mean Lunch)

  1. Gracious, encourgaging words. It is a wonderful testimony to Christ when you can work down the hall or in the office with someone for months, yea years, and have nothing but good things to say.

    That is a good model for many in Christian ministry today. Thanks for posting the pics and video.

    PS–Wayne D. (if you read this) hasn’t changed one bit in 18 years. Amazing!

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