Yard Sale Bike

Jennifer bought me a yard sale bike on Saturday.  Here is what the model looks like brand new.

Here is my bike.

Looks good, right.  Nice tires.  Varying speed control.  Comfy seat.  I even like the color.  Do you see anything missing?

PEDALS!!!  No pedals.  No chain.  No axle.  Who sells a bike without the mechanism that makes it go.  I don’t think I will be going very far.  A test drive was not going to happen.

We took the bike to the local bike shop and asked what it would cost to get it all fixed.  $150 bucks.  Dang. Jennifer paid $5 at the yard sale.  A brand new DMX bike cost just over $100. 

I guess the yard sale bike will be sold for parts and scrap metal.  Better luck next time.

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