Children Conceived from Donors Speak Out

The Friday, July 11th, Oprah Show dealt with adult children of donor fathers talking about their conception.  They talked about when they found out they are conceived through artificial insemination and what it meant to not know half of your family history.  They talked about their longing for relationships, confusion about their “real” identity, and wondering if they have any genetic dispositions.  It was a difficult show to watch and consider.

It reminded me of an article I read and responded to a few months ago.  I reprinted the article and response below about T-Shirts that are now available which illustrate this result reproductive phenomenon.


I heard about a London Times article that absolutely rocked my world.  This picture was on the headline.


Can you read the print on the t-shirt.  A cute little toddler is promoting a shirt about his DONOR father.  Instead of “I love my daddy” or “daddy’s little boy,” we have “my daddy’s name is Donor.”  What does this say about the times in which we live?

It says we have lost a sense of reality when it comes to family values, family morality, and the definition of marriage.  It says we have embraced technology so much that we are now considering it, not people, the primary means for happiness and fulfillment.  Its says marriage between a man and woman is under devastating attack by gay and lesbian groups and reproductive technologies.  It says that a boy or girl who wears such a shirt will grow up never having a man to call Daddy. 

Never having a man to help them learn to tie their shoes or ride a bike or how to open a door for a lady.  While this is terrible for little girls, it is even more destructive for little boys.  Little boys need men in their lives.  Little girls need men in their lives.  This is how God designed it and it is the best method.

As a young father, my heart aches for these issues.  Fatherless children.  Men giving birth to children they will never meet or love.  And for what reason do they give this life but for a some pocket cash while in college.  One recent lawsuit had a 17-year old teen seeking money from their sperm donor for college.  The donor, now a successful businessman, had to hire a lawyer to protect him from his responsibility to the teen.  Depressing. 

The “My daddy’s name is Donor” t-shirt is a statement on the culture in which we live.  A sad statement.  A painfully real statement. 

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