We Filled the Truck

I am totally embarrassed to admit that our little family of 4 filled a 26 ft. Uhaul truck to the brim with STUFF.  Too Much Stuff!!!  Now the majority of that stuff is sitting in our garage waiting to be sorted and put away in our new house.

Just to update everyone, we made it safe and sound this morning.  We had tons of help last night filling the truck (Main Street staff and friends) and tons of help this morning unfilling the truck (old-time friends and my new boss).

The boys did great and are loving their new house.  Jennifer has already put one coat of paint on the living room ceiling.  More paint to come.  I lost 5 lbs in two days just from sweat.  Sore hands and back are my only injuries. 

I must say I did enjoy driving the big rig.  There is something man-like when you drive a big truck.  You feel powerful.

Thanks for all those who prayed for us in this move.  Thanks to all those that helped make this move so much easier.  We are eternally grateful. 

Tomorrow begins the first day of our new life in Campbellsville.  Lord, guide us.

One thought on “We Filled the Truck

  1. didn’t you get to drive the U-Haul truck when you worked Crosspoint? Oh wait…

    Anyway, welcome home! Now I will get to see you! I will be there in C-ville on the 3rd of August and then again on the 8th of Oct. I hope to catch up! Maybe we can go grab some coffee? Does C-ville have a coffee shop yet?
    gaddis (the Nathan version)

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