Our First Main Street Visitors

Our first visitors from Main Street came to our house today and guess what, I wasn’t home.  Gary and Jan Martin and their two sons came by for a visit.  Gary teaches in the youth department at Main Street.  Jan and I were tag-team partners in Elevate, our gradeschool aged discipleship program.  A wonderful couple who love Jesus deeply and are a huge blessing to Main Street Church.

Gary grew up in Campbellsville.  His parents still live here.  They actually lived just three houses down from our little house.  North Hoskins Ave has never been the same.

I am so upset.  So Jan, since I know you read this blog, I am so sorry for missing you.  I was in HR watching videos on safety procedures and inter-office relationships.  Whenever you guys are down again, please let me know.  I will empty my schedule at once.

We love you and miss you.


One thought on “Our First Main Street Visitors

  1. So sorry to have missed you! But it was wonderful to see Jennifer, Isaac, and Ethan. And your house is awesome! We’re very happy for you all and are glad that you are getting settled. Isaac wanted to show our boys everything. Timothy cried when you left, but I think he now realizes that you didn’t move so very far away after all. We’ll try to give you some notice next time – this was just a quick trip to pick up our dog.

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