Tales from a Small Town

I am starting a new segment on the blog this week.  It is called “Tales from a Small Town.” 

A couple times a month, I will post news reports, articles, editorials, local events and happenings that could only be found in a small town.  Most of these will be from the Central Kentucky News Journal, or the CKNJ, our local bi-weekly paper.

Tales from a Small Town – No. 1

Notice anything interesting for sale in the ad below.  From the CKNJ, July 21, 2008.

LARGE MOVING SALE 2-party. Assorted furniture, appliances, box lots, interior decor, wood, some tools, poultry, some free items (day of sale only). Thursday, Friday & Saturday 8am-3pm. No early birds.

See anything out of place?  Not the furniture.  Not the appliances.  POULTRY.  Did it say that POULTRY was included in their moving sale?  And you got to love the NO early BIRDS.  I am screaming “Foul.”

2 thoughts on “Tales from a Small Town

  1. By the way, Starbucks?! and Barnes & Noble? Do you guys really have that on campus? (Saw a sign yesterday.) We may be down there more often. What more can you want!

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