Pageant Life

Another Miss Kentucky was crowned this week in Lexington.  And yet another Miss Kentucky was chosen from Campbellsville.  The second Miss Kentucky in the Cox family.  Craziness?  Is pageant life that powerful in small towns? 

Jennifer and I have boys.  Wheww!  No dresses or evening gowns.  No swimsuit competition or miss congeniality awards.  We will have t-ball, pee wee football and dirt.  I’ll take that any day over makeup, high heels, and stick-em.  (If you don’t know what stick’em is, ask a former pageant girl and you will get quite an education.)

Here is the headline from the July 24th edition of the CKNJ.

Miss Kentucky title no surprise

We guess we should say we’re surprised. But we’re not. Campbellsville is celebrating yet another Miss Kentucky title.

Emily Cox was handed this year’s crown over the weekend at the SingletaryCenter for the Arts on the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington. She is the fifth Miss Kentucky from Campbellsville and the second in her own family.

Even the Miss Kentucky Scholarship Organization recognizes the news. The official press release states that, other than Louisville and Lexington, Campbellsville has produced more Miss Kentucky pageant winners than any other city or town in the state.

Taylor County is continuing its tradition of being well represented at beauty and scholarship pageants.

According to the Miss Kentucky Web site, Nanci Bowling won the title in 1962; Nancy Cox Kenny won in 1990; Laura Sue Humphress won in 1994; and Veronica Duka received the crown in 1996.

Then add in Lorrie West Nolley’s title of Miss Kentucky USA, and we have some impressive statistics.

We congratulate Emily on her success and wish her luck at the Miss America Pageant, which will take place in January at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas and be broadcast live on The Learning Channel at 8 p.m. on Jan. 24.

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